Straight-forward On a blander note, who created this site? It would be amazing to meet them. The thought put in it is _____. I wish language didn't lack adequate descriptions without imagery. I'd love to understand more about the process through which this journey came onto the internet in its expansiveness. It has been a useful compound in the concrete that is paving my own journeyYou guysss c'mooon Hey thre

we used to be friends,remember?
Now I can see that almost noone is visiting this site and doesnt chat anynmore...Where are you guys,missed ya.... :(Don't worry .. about the shape you find yourself in here - after all, it's a bit like in real life, there we can't really choose if we're tall or short either, Lisa! Confusion please somebody just talk to me, i like puzzles, I'm as curious as the next person, probably more than most. I'm also prbably lazier than most with the attention span of, well, a bug. I just wanna talk to someone otherwise whats the point.  I can go by trial and error but i don't see why everyone wants to be all 'i know stuff and you don't'. I get it, i'm new, i dont expect to be told everything or indeed let into your inner circle or anything, but for christs sake someone point me in the right direction. Oh yeah, ness if you're out there, u could talk to me, i liked u, i thought u were kinda ok and it wasnt hard work to talk to you, though admittedly it was a pretty short conversation cos it was my mates birthday and i had to go.
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